McCord Family and Yassin Family Gyms

Collingwood boasts one of the largest athletic fieldhouses in Canada. The McCord Family Gym and the Yassin Family Gym combine to provide our athletes with 17,000 square feet of incredible gym space. This complex easily handles an indoor rugby or soccer practice.

A state-of-the-art sprung rubberized gym floor provides our athletes a surface that maximizes spring while minimizing wear and tear on the joints. Since the gym opened in 2015, visiting basketball and volleyball coaches have raved about the gym floor. Collingwood coaches love that our athletes can practice hard but recover much quicker than if they were playing on a traditional hardwood floor.

The McCord Family Gym can be divided into two full-size gyms for basketball or volleyball. The basketball Championship Court is a full-size NBA court complete with three scoreboards, lit backboards and 24-second clocks that also count down the game clock. It is on this court that our Grade 10 and senior basketball and volleyball athletes strut their stuff.

When the moveable wall is closed, the Yassin Family Gym provides our Grade 8 and 9 athletes with another full-size court. This gym hosts most of the Grade 8 and 9 games, which allows two other teams to still practice in the McCord Family Gym.

This amazing complex allows Collingwood to maximize practice time for our athletes, while at the same time hosting all our North Shore league games and multiple tournaments throughout the year. It is a facility without peer in British Columbia.

The Washington Field

The Washington Field is a first class training field. As with the gym floor, great care was taken in choosing the field surface. To assure that it was suitable for rugby, soccer and field hockey, the decision was made to invest in the extra padding underneath the field. This means that the Washington Field has a surface that meets International Rugby Board (IRB) standards.

The Brendan and Berkley O’Sullivan Fitness Centre

Like all our other athletic facilities, Collingwood’s Fitness Centre is a step above the average high school. The room has been carefully designed to maximize open space so that the coaches can emphasize functional movement exercises. The four university-standard squat racks allow our coaches to run multiple stations that maximizes participation.

There is a full array of Olympic and Bumper plates so that our athletes are able to build their strength through key exercises such as deadlifts, power cleans, front squats and overhead press. The Fitness Centre features two multi-function dual-pulley machines that are perfect for circuit training. There are also three racks of dumbbells, ranging from 5-100lbs.

Athletes working on their cardiovascular fitness have access to 15 spin bikes, two treadmills and an elliptical machine.

The Wang-Ginger Family Athletic Therapy Clinic

Collingwood is one of the few schools in BC to have a full-time Athletic Therapist. Our injured athletes can be treated right at school in our Athletic Therapy Clinic equipped with all the latest equipment that you would find in any physiotherapist’s office. Since the Clinic is located right across the hall from our Fitness Centre, our Athletic Therapist, Gavin Leung, can treat our athletes or supervise them in their rehabilitation exercises.