ARTS MAG Since its inception thirteen years ago, Arts Mag has shone its spotlight on the artistic talents of the Collingwood body. We have celebrated art in a kaleidoscope of forms by showcasing the prowess of painters, drawers, graphic artists, orators, musicians, singers, actors, poets, writers, sculptors, photographers and designers. From budding artists to seasoned veterans, the students and teachers who have graced the pages of Arts Mag have shared their inspiration, their philosophy and their passion vis-à-vis life and the role of art.

We have even followed the creative path of some of these individuals beyond Collingwood; some alumni have continued to pursue their art as a pastime, while others have made it a post-secondary career. Some have even experienced the transformative energy of art, and have discovered new or different means of artistic expression.

At every stage, Arts Mag has strove to delight the senses through the richness of colour, movement, texture and musicality that our artists have captured in their works. It is with admiration, joy and awe that the Arts Mag team thanks our contributors. In the same vein of artistic exploration and creative experimentation, we have decided to update the look of Arts Mag. We hope that you enjoy the new format.