June 2017

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_A Special tribute_

Collingwood would like to recognize two special teachers who completed their 30th year of work at Collingwood School: Julia Clarke and Wendy Nielsen!

Julia and Wendy have reached this incredible milestone of 30 years of service to the school, and we congratulate and honour both of these outstanding women and educators. Thank you, Julia & Wendy, for enriching the lives of your students as well as your colleagues.

Congratulations to Julia and Wendy, and we look forward to more incredible years with you at Collingwood!

_Advice From The Past: To The Grad Class of 2017_

It's that magical time of year again. The sun is out here in Vancouver, the birds are singing, and as the forest grows young leaves and holds them tight and proudly to rustling branches, schools proudly let young graduates go and drift out with the wind.

Many might say this grad class was quieter than that of 2016. However, any small drop in forefront vivaciousness was exceeded by a thoughtful brand of brilliance; exhibited in witty plays, talent on the dance floor, close relationships and hundreds of university acceptances. It's impossible to predict society deemed success of a grad class by simply surveying the activities of hundreds throughout the year. That's like hearing good things about a restaurant down the street but never taking one night a week to put down the take-out and actually go, experience the atmosphere, savour the food, and meet the chef. Chances are this grad class will go out and experience a mix of good and bad, achievement and let down, elation and disappointment. As long as they stick to whatever lets them shine, be it dancing, writing, physics, and hold onto the kindness that has been rumoured of them throughout their lives, they will be fine, with the opportunities granted to them, they will undoubtedly find success.

This June 2017, Alumnotes wants to enrich the coming grads and acknowledge the past by compiling a list of advice from members of Collingwood Grad classes, from 1989 to 2016.

We hope that the advice given from all walks of life can make the path of the young grads smoother and perhaps provide insight into the minds and experiences of those who have grown up during their time at Collingwood and have since gone forth and danced in the winds of life.

Or at the very least, have made a few decisions worth sharing:

Emily Kelsall, Class of 2016

It's easy to forget who you are; friends, professors, classes, etc. will try to change you, don't let them! Staying true to yourself is the only thing you can really do, be yourself and the rest will fall into place.

Jessie Lo, Class of 2014

Don't let the busiest times consume you. Take a deep breath, look around you, and take it one step at a time. Remember all you have accomplished, remember any challenge that is thrown your way can be overcome. Slow down and refocus, look around you and take in the smallest details. Believe in yourself: I can do this.

Ali Beres, Class of 2014

Everything you are experiencing right now is but a tiny dot on the giant picture of your life. Don't let any of that bog you down, your whole life is ahead of you waiting to be explored. Don't be distracted by the small things and forget about the whole grand scheme.

Chistopher He, Class of 2014

In this current political climate it's easy to be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone and travelling to new places. But trust me, when you do, you'll learn that we're all looking for the same thing. Travel far and wide and be brave enough to travel BY YOURSELF, because you'll see you're never alone. Our common desire for human connection and acceptance is still strong and can't be broken by fear of the unknown. Travel smart and get out there, it's the best education you'll ever receive!

Lindsey Corbett, Class of 2005

Understand the capacity of human will. Apply it to something good.

Ryan S. Green, Class of 2005

To the grads of 2017: make sure to go on a mission to complete university in 4 years or as quickly as possible. Try to avoid taking semesters off. Remember - the goal should be to earn a university degree, not merely to gain life experience and create lasting memories!

Edmund Hayley, Class of 2003

Enjoy your time in university but be prepared to move on when the journey is over, this includes selecting a major / area of study that you can actually apply to your career, if needed, reach out to your circle of friends to help with career planning / job hunting, it's not only about the good times but preparing for life after uni, there may be some challenging roads ahead, best to be ready for them now.

King Tai, Class of 2002

Treasure the friendships established from Collingwood and the university you choose to attend. They last a lifetime.

Tommy Wong, Class of 2002

Good luck in the future on whatever you decided to do. Be strong and never give up.

Christine Ellis, Class of 1999

Should you wish to offer some support to a recent Collingwood grad as they travel onto their next adventures please contact Kathryn Slemko This could mean being a friendly face to meet as they arrive at their new university or perhaps offering some advice on the best places to visit in their new cities around the world.
There are grads heading to McGill, Queens, and the University of Pennsylvania to name a few.

_Collingwood Finance and Business Club Call-Out_

The Collingwood Finance and Business Club (CFBC), a student led club, introduces students to the financial and business world. We invite guest speakers, ranging from university professors and former Wall Street employees to student parents, to share knowledge with our Morven students.

The CFBC would like to formally invite all alumni who are currently working in the two industries to share knowledge with our students.

The CFBC would like to formally invite all alumni who are currently working in the two industries to share knowledge with our students.

We will be hosting three events:

September 20, 2017

October 4, 2017

October 18, 2017

If you are interested, please email Kelly Cao, CFBC Founder ( or the sponsor teacher, Mr. Brian McDonald (

_Dads, Lads, and Grads Rugby_

The sun shone down on us at Collingwood’s annual Dads, Lads, and Grads Rugby game at Klahanie Park on June 10th. Thanks to all who came out for the game and to those that joined us at Earls afterwards for some drinks and appies. The game was also a special opportunity to wish Ian Kennedy a special goodbye as he is leaving us here at Collingwood and moving onto Carson Graham Secondary School. We wish you all the best, Ian!

_Upcoming Events_

Class of 1992
25 Year Reunion

Date: September 30, 2017
Time: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: The Beachhouse Restaurant
150 - 25th Street, West Vancouver, B.C.


Class of 1997
20 Year Reunion

Date: Saturday, October 21, 2017
Time: 7:00pm
Place: Café Ca Va
1860 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, B.C.