Tuition and Financial Aid

2019-2020 TUITION FEES

Junior Kindergarten - Grade 12

Grade Fees
Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5 $21,450
Grades 6 to 9 $23,850
Grades 10 to 12 $25,500

KEY Program

Key is a premium service support program for students who have high intelligence, but who also learn differently. This program is designed to support a language-based learning disability profile using literacy and numeracy evidenced-based interventions coupled with instruction in assistive technology. A recent psycho-educational assessment is a requirement for application.

GradeBase Fees
Grade 3 KEY transition$27,600
Junior KEY Grades 4 to 5$34,450
Middle School KEY Grades 6 to 9$35,100
Senior School KEY Grades 10 to 12$37,400

Additional Charges

New Student Admission Fee - $2,500
One time, non-refundable fee payable upon acceptance into the School.

Non-qualifying Student Grant - $3,000
Students who do not qualify to receive the provincial grant must pay $3,000 in additional fees. In order to qualify for the provincial grant, parents must be permanent residents of BC and either a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant or otherwise lawfully permitted to work in Canada.

Please note: tuition fees are dependent on the School receiving the per student operating grant from the province of BC. Were this grant not to be received, fees would be increased accordingly.


Collingwood School provides financial assistance to students in Grade 6-12 whose families complete an online application and demonstrate financial need. Contact our Director of Financial Aid, / 604.925.3331 (Ext. 2293) or email for more information. Online applications for financial assistance for the 2020-2021 school year will be available October 1st, 2019.

Application deadlines:

For current Collingwood Students - December 1, 2019

For new applicants to Collingwood School - January 8, 2020