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Thank you for your interest in Collingwood School. Our intake grades are Junior Kindergarten (JK), Kindergarten (K), Grade 3, and Grade 8. We accept online applications for all other grades; however, space is limited. Please note that our application deadline for first round consideration to the 2021-2022 academic year for all grades was December 1, 2020. However, applications will continue to be accepted and reviewed for second round consideration where space is available. 

Grade 8-12 Applicants: Please note the Enrolment Management Association (EMA) is experiencing difficulties with the SSAT at Home testing option and we have therefore extended our deadline to receive SSAT results by February 1, 2021. Should EMA continue to experience technical difficulties, Collingwood School will replace the requirement of the SSAT for the 2021-2022 application with an internal assessment.


Our online application for 2021-2022 is open! 

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We are unable to offer on-site tours, but we invite you to join us through our virtual meetings

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Grade Openings for
New Students
Number of Students Intake Grade
Junior Kindergarten 32 32 (2 classes) Yes
Kindergarten 28  60 (3 classes) Yes
Grade 1 - 2 2 - 4  60 (3 classes) per grade Attrition dependent
Grades 3 20 84 (4 classes) Yes
Grade 4 - 5  2 - 4  88 (4 classes) per grade Attrition dependent
Grade 6 - 7 2 - 4 92 (4 classes) per grade Attrition dependent
Grade 8 25 115 - 120 Yes
Grade 9 8 - 10 115 -120  Limited space
Grade 10 - 11 6 - 8 115 -120 per grade Attrition dependent



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No Gifts Policy
Collingwood Admissions Office has a no-gifts policy and although we respect the gesture of appreciation, we do not accept donations/gifts of any kind from prospective families.

Collingwood 招生办明文规定不收受任何捐赠或礼物。我们非常感谢所有您的心意,但还请谅解我们不接受任何来自申请家庭的捐赠或者任何形式的礼物。