Testimonials from Current Collingwood Families

I knew I wanted my son to go to Collingwood but had no idea how to make that a reality. After saving what I could and borrowing from my own parents what I could, there was still a gap. Collingwood financial aid generously filled that gap. As a father, there is nothing more important than seeing my son reach his full potential. Collingwood financial aid has made that possible, and there are no words strong enough for me to properly express the depth of my gratitude. Thank you! 

After a visit during open house at Collingwood, my family was impressed by the passionate staff, the well-behaved students, the world class facility and the many amazing opportunities Collingwood offers. Both my husband and I thought the environment of this school was a good fit for our daughter. The only problem was that our income was not enough to pay the tuition fee. I contacted Collingwood and my daughter now goes to her dream school. Thank you so much for supporting our family!

We are delighted that our daughter has thrived and flourished at Collingwood School. As full-time working parents in the North Shore community, our daughter’s attendance at Collingwood has always been a top priority for us, taking precedence over larger family expenses such as vacations, as well as smaller expenses such as meals out or skiing. The financial aid received from Collingwood has made our commitment to our daughter’s education more attainable and lessened the financial pressure on us. Financial Aid has also opened opportunities for our daughter to be included in the enriching opportunities Collingwood provides off campus, such as Explore trips or music tours. Perhaps one of the most wonderful aspects of financial aid is how its very concept demonstrates what a kind, caring and inclusive community Collingwood School truly is.

It was our daughter’s idea to attend Collingwood. She wanted to be better prepared for university and to expand her post-secondary options. Our family is not in a position to afford the tuition so we applied for and received financial aid. She is working harder than ever, thriving in the ambitious Collingwood culture, and will definitely be well prepared for any university she decides to attend. We are very grateful.