Rainy Day Fund

Unexpected events occur in every family, and when such events negatively impact your financial stability, Collingwood’s Rainy Day Fund may be able to assist currently enrolled Collingwood families for up to two years while they recover from adversity.

The Rainy Day Fund exists to support Collingwood students enrolled in Junior Kindergarten - Grade 12 to maintain the continuity of school, friends, teachers, sports and more. Collingwood School’s Financial Aid Committee assumes Rainy Day awards to be temporary, and that within two years, such families will return to a more stable condition and, therefore, be capable of paying full fees in subsequent years. In some cases, when the need extends beyond the Rainy Day Fund’s two-year timeline, families may then apply for ongoing Financial Aid.

All parents with children enrolled at Collingwood, JK-Grade 12, are eligible to apply for Rainy Day financial assistance. Please contact our Director of Enrolment, Lindsay Thierry (lindsay.thierry@collingwood.org / 604.925.3331 Ext 2080) to schedule a confidential, in-person meeting to discuss your specific situation.


Testimonials from Collingwood Families:

Financial Aid has allowed our children to remain at Collingwood despite an unexpected setback in our family business and a subsequent transition period. As an alumnus myself, I have experienced first-hand the benefits of Collingwood's four stranded approach to education. My own life was impacted in so many positive ways by my time at Collingwood and I'm grateful our children are able to share in this legacy at such a truly exceptional school. Many sincere thanks, Collingwood, for supporting our family with financial aid!

While my two kids were quite young and attending Wentworth, my husband’s employer of 16 years went out of business. The next few years would be financially challenging and we would struggle to afford Collingwood. We were thrilled to discover that we qualified for Rainy Day financial assistance that lasted two years. The assistance bridged the gap and allowed us to keep our kids at Collingwood while my husband looked for new employment. We are grateful to the school for the support during this very difficult time. 

When we embarked on applying to Collingwood our situation was different financially than what it became overnight with a health diagnosis. Suddenly circumstances changed everything and we’re so grateful for the financial support provided to bridge a few tough years due to health, job loss and in turn challenged finances. We’re so glad we were made aware of Financial Aid, as the alternative (leaving the school) would have been devastating for our son and in turn, to us as parents. Heartfelt appreciation…