The Financial Aid application deadline for currently enrolled Collingwood families returning to 2021-2022 was January 8, 2021.

The Financial Aid application deadline for external families applying to Grades 6-12 for the 2021-2022 school year was December 1, 2020. If you still wish for your child/children to be included in second round considerations where space is available, please contact or to discuss further.

Contact our Director of Financial Aid today for more information. 


Financial Aid

Collingwood School offers a needs-based financial aid program to support incoming and enrolled students in Grade 6 - 12 whose families complete an online application and demonstrate financial need.



Key Contact

Janis Clark, M.Ed.
Director of Financial Aid /
604.925.3331 Ext 2293


At Collingwood School, we believe that children who satisfy the entrance requirements for Grade 6-12 and who have the desire to be contributing members to our school community and beyond should have the opportunity to benefit from our enriched programs, exceptional teaching Faculty, and outstanding facilities. An independent school education does come at a significant cost, and for families who demonstrate financial need, we will provide support for your children to realize the benefits of a Collingwood education and help prepare them for meaningful lives.

Additional expenses such as the purchase of a Collingwood uniform, school bus transportation, a laptop, school supplies, books, AP exam fees, instrument rental, athletic gear, trips & tours, graduation expenses, a yearbook and more may also be covered through Collingwood’s program of financial assistance.


Collingwood is committed to promoting an inclusive, socioeconomically diverse community, reflective of residents of the North Shore and the Lower Mainland.

Our financial aid program removes barriers for qualified applicant families so that they may apply to Collingwood School and potentially benefit from reduced application and acceptance costs which may include:

  • $120 – online application fee for Financial Aid through Apple Financial Services (deadline to apply: December 1st)
  • $200 – online application fee for admission to Collingwood School (deadline to apply: December 1st)
  • $195 – registration fee for Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT: official results must be received by the Admissions Office by February 1, 2021)
  • $3,000 – New Student Fee to be paid upon acceptance to Collingwood School (initial Offers of Enrolment are made in late February, and this fee is required at time of acceptance to secure your child’s place)
  • $4,500 – Non-refundable Tuition Deposit (payable upon acceptance to the School)

Most families receiving financial support from Collingwood School:

  • own or rent on the North Shore
  • are a two-income household(s)
  • own or lease one or two standard vehicles
  • have modest annual expenses
  • are Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents
  • want their children to have access to an exceptional education and outstanding school community


Important Financial Aid Application Deadlines for 2021-2022 School Year
New external applicants for Grade 6-12 to Collingwood School: December 1, 2020
Currently enrolled Grade 5-11 Collingwood Students: January 8, 2021


Financial Aid Timeline
  • Between the end of August and the third week of November: schedule an initial phone call, Zoom video call or in-person, off campus meeting with our Director of Financial Aid
  • Between September 28th and December 1st: complete online Financial Aid application through Apple Financial Services. For separated/divorced parents, both parents must complete a confidential application.
  • December 1: deadline to complete online FA application for external, new applicants
  • January 8: deadline to complete online FA application for currently enrolled families
  • By early February: currently enrolled families receive their formal Financial Aid decision; timing corresponds to start of annual Re-Reg so parents can make an informed decision
  • End of February: new, external families receive their formal Financial Aid decision; timing corresponds to their receipt of formal Admissions decisions

Find out more about applying for Financial Aid here.

Please contact our Director of Financial Aid, Janis Clark, at 604.925.3331 (Ext 2293) or / for more information and to find out whether your family qualifies for financial assistance.

Admission decisions and Financial Aid decisions are made independently of each other.