What is the application timeline?

Grade Application Deadline Financial Aid Deadline Assessment Interview Admission Decision
JK and K October 15, 2019 N/A Readiness assessment in Oct-Nov 2019 late November
Grades 1-2 January 15, 2020 N/A On an as-needed basis based on attrition only
Grade 3 January 15, 2020 N/A Entry assessment in February 2020 late February
Grades 4-5 January 15, 2020 N/A Entry assessment in January 2020 Students and Parents, February 2020 late February
Grades 6-12 January 15, 2020 January 8, 2020 SSAT for mainstream applicants and Character Skills Snapshot for both mainstream and KEY applicants Students and Parents, February 2020 late February

What if I have missed the application deadline?

If you wish to apply after our official deadline, please do! We are always keen to meet bright and capable students at any time of the year. Please note, however, we will only review late applications based on attrition.

Do you accept new students in the middle of the year?

We typically do not accept students after the start of the school year in September. If a space were to become available, we are obligated to offer it to one of our pre-qualified candidates in the wait pool. Please contact our Admissions Office for further information.

How many students are enrolled at Collingwood School?

We enrol 1260 students from Jr. Kindergarten through Grade 12. Our Wentworth Junior School Campus (JK - Gr 7) is home to 660 students; our Morven Senior School Campus (Gr 8-12) is home to 600 students.

How many spaces do you have available for new students?

Each year we accept 32 new Jr. Kindergarten students, 28 new Kindergarten students, 20 new Grade 3 students and 30 new Grade 8 students. For all other grades, we accept students based on attrition from that grade only.

Does Collingwood School accept international students?

Collingwood School welcomes applications from all families regardless of where they currently reside. Please note, Collingwood is a day school only, and all of our students live in the local area with one or both of their parents. We do not offer boarding or homestay, and we do not offer ESL or ELL programs.

Do you work with agents or consultants?

At Collingwood School we work directly with applicant families. We do not work with educational consultants or agents, nor do we pay finders fees. All applicant families are asked to contact the Admissions Office directly; we are here to support you through the admissions process.

Are Collingwood alum or siblings of current students given priority?

Yes, siblings of current students and children of our alum who fully meet our admissions requirements will be given priority where space is available in that specific grade.

How do I register for the SSAT and the Character Skills Snapshot?

Visit the SSAT site and the Character Skills Snapshot site to register your child for these assessments.

How do I share my official SSAT and Character Skills Snapshot reports with Collingwood School?

For instructions on how to share your official SSAT score report with us use this link and for instructions on how to share your Character Skills Snapshot report use this link.

What SSAT score does my child need to achieve?

We take a holistic view of every applicant, and the SSAT represents only one part of each applicant's file. We encourage each applicant to try their best.

How can my child prepare for the SSAT?

Students are encouraged to take a look at the ‘What’s on the Test?’ section on the SSAT website to assist in their preparations for the test.