Acknowledgement of Risk

Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement of Risk Form

Please read and review this document carefully. By signing your name digitally, you are signing this form.

Dear Parent or Guardian, June, 2016

As the parent/guardian of a student enrolled at Collingwood School, this letter serves to make you aware that your child/ward will be invited to participate in some or all of the activities outlined on the subsequent pages. All of the activities outlined are sanctioned by the School. Please read through this document carefully and complete the last page. Should there be any specific activities that you do not wish your child to participate in, you must identify those activities in writing to: Head of Wentworth, grades Junior Kindergarten–Grade 7.

Participation in off campus day trips and activities, sports, and sporting events involve certain risks, dangers and hazards to the participants. Collingwood School faculty and staff endeavour to instruct, protect, and care for your child/ward to minimise or eliminate such risks during these activities. This may include making decisions regarding the medical care of your child/ward. To help ensure the safety of their child/ward, parents and guardians are expected to update their child’s/ward’s medical information through the nurses in the Health Centre. Failure to update medical information may result in the student not being allowed to fully participate in activities.

Teacher leaders or coaches accompanying off campus activities bring a cell phone for emergency contact, a roster of all students under their care, a supplemental list of students who have serious medical conditions, and a first aid kit to deal with minor injuries. A teacher or coach with First Aid certification will accompany all off campus trips.
Your child/ward will be expected to uphold the behaviour expectations of Collingwood School students. Your child/ward will be expected to listen and adhere to any rules, instructions, directions, requests, or advice given by authorised school staff or supervisors, with the understanding that it is in the best interest of all participants.
Therefore, your child/ward will be expected to act responsibly and show respect and care for themselves and for others during these activities.

In order for your child/ward to participate in activities that require an overnight stay or activities that carry a higher level of risk, you will be asked to give explicit permission for your child/charge to participate. Parents or Guardians must complete an Informed Consent document that the teacher leader will circulate to you well in advance of the activity. Examples of these types of activity are the Outdoor School and Grade 6/7 Quebec Trip.
Should you have any questions regarding the risks associated with any of the activities outlined within this document, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Ian Kennedy
Collingwood School
Head of Wentworth Campus (JK – Grade 7)