Grade 4 Outdoor School

Academic Year 2019-2020

Dear Future Grade 4 Parents,

As teachers in Grade 4, we are looking forward excitedly to meeting your children in September!

Grade 4 begins the Collingwood Outdoor School experience which continues every year thereafter. In its essence, Outdoor School will be taking place over the week of September 16; however, the first part of the week will only be during the day and the second part will be a day and night experience. Please try to keep your child free from outside commitments during this time. The outdoor experience is integral to Grade 4 both for the academic curricula and for the development of the whole child.

This year, Outdoor School will begin on Tuesday, September 17th with students heading to Whytecliff Park for teacher-led service initiatives and team building activities.

From Wednesday, September 18th through Friday, September 20st, students will attend Camp Summit (Wednesday and Thursday night at Camp Summit, back Friday afternoon). Children are very busy and happy during the daytime at Camp Summit but occasionally, at bedtime, they become a little homesick. If your child has little or no experience of sleeping away from the family overnight, we recommend that you organize a sleep over away from home before school begins.

With the Grade 4’s leaving campus so quickly at the beginning of the new school year it is very important that we have all of their Mandatory Online Documents in place prior to your child being allowed to take part in any of these off campus activities. Please be sure to complete the Grade 4 Outdoor School Informed Consent Form prior to the first day back to school. This form must be completed in order for your child to attend.

Grade 4 Outdoor School Informed Consent Form

Parents are invited to attend a Camp Summit information meeting at the Wentworth Campus on Wednesday, September 11th at 4:30pm in the Houssian Gym. Should you have any immediate questions, please e-mail Lise Middleton or Richelle Forbes who are members of the Grade 4 faculty, at: Or

We hope that you have a wonderful summer.

Yours sincerely,

The Grade 4 Team