Key Program

What is the KEY program?

At Collingwood’s Wentworth campus the KEY program for grades 3-7 offers support for students who learn differently so they can achieve success in our university preparatory school. In each KEY classroom we create an environment of support for individualized learning with evidence based targeted interventions that complement unique learning styles.

Who is Eligible for the KEY program?

Students who are successful candidates for the KEY program have average to above average intelligence and have been diagnosed with a language based learning disability according to a current educational assessment. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) will outline for all classroom teachers how the student learns best and what curricular supports are needed for each student to demonstrate their skills and deeper understanding of concepts. The individual nature of the KEY program instills confidence and enables our graduates to select from a wide range of post-secondary options.

Specific Supports within the KEY Program

The Wentworth KEY program is proud to offer Orton-Gillingham tutoring by experienced and trained classroom teachers. The Orton-Gillingham methodology is a well-recognized, successful approach to teaching reading and writing specifically to children with language based learning disabilities. The program provides students with immediate feedback and a predictable sequence that integrates reading, writing and spelling. Students achieve a high degree of success in every lesson, and they gain literacy skills as well as confidence. KEY teachers will closely monitor and support students in all aspects of academic life, communicate frequently with families about student progress, and work collaboratively to create a nurturing environment for the growth of student self-confidence, self-advocacy, self-regulation and success.

Technology Supports

All students in the KEY program grade 3-7 use a personal Ipad and have access to technology to fully support their learning. Technology is used to support student success in the following areas: keyboarding, planning for writing, organizing ideas, drafting and editing, math skills, time management, audiobooks, reading comprehension and organizational skills.

How are students in the KEY program assessed?

Students in the KEY program benefit from a small group environment where instruction follows the British Columbia Ministry of Education’s learning standards with a focus on the development of foundational academic skills. Our KEY teachers assess students according the Ministry’s learning standards and ensure that each student receives the accommodations appropriate to their needs. In addition, student progress in IEP goals are reviewed and evaluated each term to consistently provide feedback to students and parents at each report cycle. Report cards will give comments pertaining to IEP goals, learning standards and work habits.

How is the KEY program structured at different grades?

In grade 3, students are based in a homeroom classroom while also receiving support from a specialist teacher in a combination of in-class, small group and individual targeted support. In addition, the KEY 3 program offers Orton- Gillingham sessions weekly to improve literacy skills.

In grade 4/5, students in the KEY program benefit from a small classroom consisting of a maximum of 10 students with 2 specialist teachers. Within this KEY classroom, students receive multi-modal instruction in language arts, social studies and science while math is taught in grade level groupings aligned with individual student ability. Additionally, students receive individualized sessions of Orton-Gillingham reading support each week.

In grades 6 and 7, students benefit from a homeroom classroom where they rotate together with their grade appropriate peers for P.E., drama, art and music classes. The core academic subjects of math, science, socials, and English are taught in a concentrated KEY classroom setting with a maximum of 7 students. Students in KEY 6 and KEY 7 also engage weekly in small group instruction lead by a specialist teacher using Orton-Gillingham principles to further develop literacy skills.

For more information about the KEY program, or to inquire about the application process, please contact: Kelly D’Aoust, Director of KEY.


Kelly D'Aoust
Director of Key

Kyran Kennedy
Key 3 Transitions

Keleigh Mackinnon
Key 4 Teacher

Adam Style
Key 5 Teacher

Valerie Gauthier
Key 6/7 Teacher

Anna Chang
Key 6/7 Teacher

Jennifer Pritchard
Key 6/7 and Learning Resource Teacher

Melissa Kaye
Key 6/7 Teacher