JK-Grade 7 (Wentworth Campus)

The Wentworth Campus encompasses a comprehensive educational experience for our students.

All children have an equal right to be valued and nurtured as individuals. As educators it is our mission to provide a secure environment that fosters children’s natural curiosities and encourages them to become independent learners. Through a negotiated curriculum and in close collaboration with parents we celebrate each child’s unique contributions.


Early Primary Years (JK-K)

The early years of a child’s education are foundational in developing a love of learning, care and compassion for others and an open and creative mind. Our dynamic early childhood educators provide many opportunities for children to construct their identities socially and emotionally while also focusing on building a strong classroom community that reinforces a child’s sense of belonging. The environment is designed for free flow of activities to spark children’s imaginations and take their enthusiasm for learning to new levels. We value play, creative expression, exploring and interacting with nature, and have many opportunities to take part in excursions beyond the classroom. Our early primary programme evolves through a project based, inquiry approach, which varies according to the interests of the children. We realize the importance of providing a nurturing, inspiring environment, rich with opportunities for discovery for the youngest members of our school community.

Primary Division (Grades 1-3)

Our primary division gives students the opportunity to grow and learn in a nurturing, positive and stimulating environment. Children are encouraged and supported by their teachers to develop and expand their basic academic skills in a variety of subject areas, with literacy and numeracy skills integrated into many exciting and memorable activities and events. Key themes throughout Grades 1 to 3 include Identity, Community, and Understanding the Natural World and the programme supports children in their social-emotional development with a focus on self-awareness, self-regulation and strengthening their social skills. Within the Primary Division, students meet their first specialist teachers in the areas of French, Music, and Physical Education and take part in a number of performances in drama, music, French and public speaking. A highlight of the students’ learning experience is their hands-on care and maintenance of the Wentworth Garden overlooking their play area. Students develop appreciation and respect for the environment as they grow herbs, fruits and vegetables, harvest, create recipes and consider the role that access to healthy food plays in their lives and that of others.

Intermediate Division (Grades 4-5)

As children enter the intermediate division they enjoy increased responsibility and independence. They are encouraged to take part in the rich co-curricular life of the school and can take advantage of leadership opportunities within the school as they arise. Students learn to embrace problems and various avenues to solve them, and begin to direct their own learning. Growth takes place through tackling challenging educational tasks that stretch students’ abilities, focus and perseverance. As in the primary years, subject areas are integrated where appropriate in order to infuse a deeper understanding of a topic or theme. Special attention is given to numeracy, problem-solving, writing and critical thinking, as well as providing every student with hands-on learning opportunities to further develop her or his skills. Learning beyond the classroom walls continues in the intermediate division through numerous field trips and memorable overnight outdoor school experiences.

Middle School (Grades 6-7)

Middle School at Wentworth sees students transition from the core teacher model of the Primary and Intermediate Divisions to working with subject specialists across the curriculum. Grade level teams work collaboratively to ensure a wide variety of cross-curricular learning experiences as well as supporting the development of organizational skills and social-emotional development for students. Grades 6 and 7 see a further extension of the inquiry approach in their academic programme; greater independent use of technology; and a focus on problem-solving and project-based learning. Students are supported and encouraged to explore areas of particular personal interest through the Unbounded Learning Programme which matches small groups of interested students with a teacher facilitator. In the Middle School years, students are provided with opportunities to pursue open-ended tasks and engage in meaningful self-reflection. Students graduate from the Middle School at Wentworth thoroughly prepared to take on the challenges of high school.

Community & Connections

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus CHARACTER, this is the goal of true education.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

In the words of Martin Luther King Jr, character development is one of the fundamental goals of education. At Wentworth, we strive to teach character intentionally in all that we do. “Character” are the qualities that make us who we are, this includes those personality traits that we aspire to attain and develop. Over the last two years our school has implemented a character education programme titled Community & Connections. This September, students will have a block of time each day where homeroom teachers will advise our students, teach social-emotional learning and healthy living skills. It is during these designated blocks where students will explore two fundamental questions: Who am I? And how do I connect with my community?

We believe in the power of our community and this community extends beyond our school’s walls. Students will learn the value of, which will include their involvement in, community service and stewardship during this class. As a Round Square school, we believe in the importance of teaching our students a globally minded education. Round Square is a global network of innovative schools in 50 countries on six continents that share a passion for experiential learning and character education. Collingwood School remains the only Round Square school in the lower mainland of British Columbia. The Round Square approach is built around six IDEALS of learning: Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure Leadership and Service. Our homeroom teachers will utilize these IDEALS while planning the learning activities and experiences that will take place during their Community & Connections blocks.

We believe that Community and Connectedness make us whole.


Collingwood believes the Community & Connections programme will:

  • Prepare our students for meaningful lives. Homeroom teachers will utilize the IDEALS of Round Square during C&C block to help students learn skills and tools to live in an ever-changing world. Community & Connections will contribute greatly to Collingwood School living its mission.

  • Lead to greater academic success for our students. As much research indicates, schools with a comprehensive character education program have higher rates of student achievement. “Schools with higher total character education implementation tended to have higher academic scores on academic measures for the year prior to their application, the year after their application and the subsequent two years” (Benninga et al, 2003).

  • Support our educators in teaching the new British Columbia curriculum. With the implementation of a new curriculum that focuses on students’ personal and social development, our timetable must reflect this new emphasis. The Community & Connections block will help our teachers meet the needs of this innovative curriculum by allowing time each day to teach the personal and social core competencies.

  • Give our students a better understanding of themselves as individuals and citizens of our community/world. One of the fundamental goals of this programme is for our students to explore the question: Who am I? We believe that the examination of this question will make our students happier, more motivated and inspire positive behaviour and thought.

Unbounded Learning

We want our students to have no limits to their learning - today and tomorrow. In grade 4-7, we will dedicate a significant block of time each week in the timetable where children image, design, collaborate and create. They are unbounded by time, subject areas, and even by grade level as they work with children in other grades.

Children in grade 4-7 will take three modules over the course of the school year. All modules will be designed with maximum student engagement in mind and will focus on application of skills and follow the design cycle. Students will choose one module with a Science & Technology focus, one with an Arts & Athletics focus and one with a Community & Connections focus.

Science & Technology

  • Robotics (4/5)
  • Rocketry
  • Animation
  • Coding
  • CSI/Forensic Investigation
  • Sumo Robot

Arts & Athletics

  • Auto Design (4/5)
  • Fibre and Function
  • Make-it Space
  • Costume Design
  • Build an Athlete
  • Happiness Project

Community & Connections

  • Streamkeepers (4/5)
  • Social Media Revolution
  • Media Messages
  • Change and Impact - "Shark Tank"
  • Feeding our Community
  • Adventure Interpreation

Modules in grade 4/5 will run for 6 weeks while modules in 6/7 will run for 8-9 weeks. Students will have some mini-lessons focused on skill building in the particular area, with the majority of the time spent on application and creation for a particular focus group or identified need in our school, community, world or future.

Academic Resources


Inclusive Education

At Collingwood School, inclusion is an attitude and approach where all students in our community feel a sense of belonging. By teaching to diversity, we create positive learning environments that facilitate the full membership, participation, and learning of all students. We are committed to excellence in teaching personalized learning and leadership–empowering students to reach their full potential as learners.



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