Learning Support

Note: Please read the Learning Support Overview before continuing, it contains important background information.


Morven Campus

Main Contacts:

Katie Anderson, IEP/Assessment Coordinator (Grades 8-12) katie.anderson@collingwood.org

Psycho-educational assessments at Morven are reviewed by one of two groups. For students in the mainstream program the assessment is reviewed by our IEP coordinator. The IEP coordinator is responsible for reviewing student psycho-educational assessments, and creating a plan to ensure that student learning needs are met. For students in KEY, the assessment is reviewed by the Heads of the KEY program. If the IEP coordinator reviews an assessment that indicates a student should be in KEY, then the student file is forwarded to the Heads of the KEY program for review.

Independent Education Plans (IEP's) 

Individual Education Plans for students are developed and organized by Katie Anderson. Collingwood students who have valid psycho-educational assessments indicating a diagnosed learning disability receive IEPs. These are drafted in consultation with educational psychologists, specialists, teachers, parents and the students themselves. Students receive appropriate accommodations to meet their specific needs.

Support for a student with an IEP at Morven

At the Morven campus (Grades 8 to 12) IEP support happens in the classroom. We do not offer learning assistance, a resource room, or any other form of remediated instruction unless a student is in the KEY program.

The IEP coordinator works with teachers to ensure that differentiated instruction, combined with accommodations as identified, meet the needs of our students.

Accommodations for Provincial, College Board, LPI and ACT Exams:

Application must be made by the IEP/Assessment Coordinator on behalf of Collingwood students in order to receive accommodations on external exams. The requirements for eligibility can differ for different examinations and boards and from year to year. Please see Katie Anderson for eligibility requirements and application forms.

Learning Support Resources


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