Policy effective from September 2018

Collingwood does not hire or pay private tutors. Tutors are employed by the family only. The school does not accept any responsibility for missed sessions or other issues that may arise as a result of changes to the regular school schedule. Families, students, and tutors should be familiar with the school’s policy on tutors and requirements for tutors before engaging a tutor to work with a student at the Morven Campus.


Before a tutor is allowed to work on campus with any student the following must completed:

  1. Parent Application form;
  2. Tutor Registration form; and
  3. A valid Criminal Records Check.
    Note - Tutors are required to complete a CRC every two years on the anniversary of the first clearance

Tutors are not allowed to work on campus while permission is pending. All documents must be provided, and permission approved before a tutor is allowed to work with any student. Once the tutor is approved to work on campus:

  • Tutors are expected to sign in and out of the school at Reception every time they are in the school
  • Tutors will only be allowed to use school designated open areas for tutoring
  • Tutors may NOT work in the library at any time.
  • Tutors are expected to park in acceptable areas only and to follow all school rules in regards to parking.
  • The school resources, such as phones, photocopiers, and the staff room, are not available for use by tutors. Students who need copies of work should ask teachers to make the copies at the teacher’s convenience.
  • All tutors at the school are to be finished by 5:00 PM

Important Notes

  • Tutors who abuse or do not follow school regulations may be banned from working on campus.
  • Parents and families are responsible for the conduct of any tutors that work with their children.

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