Students Expectations and Reminders

Overall Expectations for Students

A) Chewing gum is not allowed.
B) Binders, homework books, et cetera, are to be kept in excellent condition.
C) Food and drink may be consumed in the Ludwig Cafeteria, The Commons, classrooms and seating areas
within the building. Students may also choose to eat outside. All students are expected to clean-up after
themselves, using the appropriate recycling bins and garbage cans.
D) Hats should be removed when entering the building or when you are inside the building even on Civvies
E) Upon entering the building, students should check to ensure their uniform is worn properly.
F) Skateboards/Scooters/Rollerblades are not to be brought to/ be used at school.

Student Drivers

Only Grade 12 student drivers will have parking privileges at Morven. In September, students will be able to
complete a Parking Permission form in order to be registered to park on site. It is important to note that parking
will be on a first come, first-served basis in the designated student parking stalls. Failure to abide by the rules as
outlined to student drivers will result in parking privileges being revoked or deemed void. Parents will be
informed if this does occur.

Leaving Campus

Gr. 8-11 students remain on campus from 8:30 until at least 3:10 and have no off-campus lunch privileges. Gr. 12
students will receive more information about their lunchtime privileges in September. Students wishing to be
absent from campus at other times during the school day must receive special permission from the Head of
School. No teacher is authorized to grant such permission. Any area that is not within sight of the school
building is considered to be off-campus. Students who are absent or off-campus without permission from the
school will face suspension.


If you feel you need tutorial help, you should turn first to your teachers and your House Mentor for assistance and
advice. If an outside tutor is required, you must be sure that your Collingwood teacher communicates with your
tutor, so that they can work together to help you achieve the maximum amount of progress. Please note: all
tutors coming into the school need to be registered with the Dean of Academics prior to commencing tutorial
services. Tutoring occurs in the Ludwig Cafeteria, the Commons, the Heads of House area, and/or the designated
classroom only.


If you would like to bring a guest to visit for all or part of a school day, you must request permission from the
Head of School at least 24 hours in advance. We consider guests to be family and/or friends from out of town,
not friends who attend a different local school. We generally do not allow more than two guests per grade level at
a time.

School Trips

Students on school-sponsored trips and outings of all sorts must remember that all school rules apply at all times
during such events. In the event of serious misbehavior on a school trip or outing, the supervising teacher or
teachers will submit a report to the Head of School, who will interview the students involved, determine the
appropriate consequences, and inform parents of the outcome. In cases where a student’s behavior is
intolerable, the student may be sent home immediately, at the parents’ expense.