Equivalency and Challenge

Students have the option to demonstrate prior learning in two different ways. Students should see their Housemaster to discuss both equivalency and challenge.

To earn equivalency

  • The student must have taken the course material in a jurisdiction outside of B.C.
  • They must meet a minimum of 80% of the learning outcomes of the course
  • The student must provide documentation that the learning outcomes have been successfully completed. The student is asked to demonstrate that the course material has been covered to the satisfaction of the Head of Department in question. The material can come from a number of different places.
  • When equivalency is granted, the mark assigned is Standing Granted (SG). This indicates that the student has covered the intended learning outcomes for the course.
  • Students may or may not have to write any required provincial exams. This will need to checked every year with the Ministry of Education to determine the most up to date policy.

Students may challenge a course

  • Students cannot challenge a course they have already completed or received equivalency for.
  • In these cases the students must demonstrate that they have covered the material in the course to the satisfaction of the Head of Department. This material comprises part of the mark for the course.
  • The Head of Department will then administer a number of assessments to the student.
  • These assessments, combined with the demonstrated material, will lead to a percent mark for the student in the course.
  • If the student challenges a course, then he/she must accept the mark that is given.
  • If the challenge is in a course with a mandatory provincial exam, then the student must write the provincial exam.
  • If the challenge is in a course without a provincial exam, the student must write a school based final exam.