Enriched Courses

Previously these courses may have been called Honours or Pre-AP courses.

Students and parents sometimes misunderstand the nature of Accelerated and Enriched classes. Here are some important facts about how Collingwood approaches these courses that must be understood and accepted before enrolling in these programs:

In general

Students and families should visit with the appropriate teacher or Head of Department if they have any questions with regards to Accelerated or Enriched courses.

Accelerated Courses

  • A limited number of subjects are offered as accelerated courses, mainly to middle school students. These courses accelerate students forward in their program. Often the course will cover two grades in one year.
  • Students in these courses are expected to be able to work at a high speed, and with little intentional review. These courses do not “double back” to review material except at exam time.
  • Starting in with grade 10 level courses, students are placed in regular stream classes at the appropriate level. For example, students who finish Math 8/9 Accelerated are placed Foundation / Pre-Calculus of Math 10 in Grade 9 as they have finished the Grade 9 curriculum.
    • The sole exception to this rule is Social Studies 10 Accelerated, which covers the Social Studies 10 and 11 curriculums in a student’s Grade 10 year. After completing this course, students are able to enroll in Grade 12 level social studies classes during their Grade 11 year.
  • Students may opt to return to the regular grade level from an accelerated course at any time.
  • Students may join an accelerated program by challenging the course that they have not covered. To do this, the student should meet with their grade counsellor and the Head of Department in question.

Enriched Courses

  • Enriched classes are only available in the Senior School and as part of the Summer Institute program. These courses are open to all students if the space allows. For example, we will open a second Enriched section if the number of students warrants it.
  • Enriched courses work to prepare students for the Advanced Placement course and program. Students are expected to work at a high level of commitment and maturity. Students who misbehave or do not keep up in their work will be asked to leave the class and return to the regular stream.
  • Each Enriched discipline allows for students to join the program after it has started. In these cases the student will be asked to do extra work over the summer that will be marked and counted as part of their mark when they enter the Enriched class.