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Community Relations

The purpose of this webpage is to provide current and helpful information to our neighbours in order to foster good communication and positive relationships between the school and the local neighbourhood community. Through our Neighbourhood Committees, we strive to pursue excellence as responsible members of the community, whether we are students, staff or families of Collingwood. In the spirit of good neighbourliness, we welcome your comments or questions.

School and Community Contact List

MORVEN 604.925.3331 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
WENTWORTH 604.925.8375 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

Lisa Evans, Head of School & Head of Morven Campus
John-Paul Cavalluzzo, Interim Head of Wentworth Campus
Howard Janami, Manager of Transportation
Angela Nielsen, Neighbourhood Liaison Officer

Good Neighbour Pledge

This pledge provides a framework for Collingwood School to work with its neighbours to pursue common goals and to resolve differences in the best interests of the school and the neighbourhood.

This Pledge will work under the following Guiding Principles:

  • To provide open and effective communication
  • To promote good neighbour practices
  • To minimize impacts on the neighbourhood
  • To reflect and respect the objectives of Collingwood School, the District of West Vancouver, and our neighbours.

The Pledge is comprised of the following four components, but may be updated as required in the future:

  • Neighbour Communications Protocol
  • Traffic and Parking Management Plan
  • Facilities Use Plan
  • Annual Review

Collingwood School needs to provide its neighbours with consistent communication regarding issues and activities that may directly impact the neighbourhood. Accordingly, Collingwood School pledges to:

  • Inform the neighbours in advance of events and long-term plans that may impact the neighbourhood.
  • Facilitate a process where issues that arise can be identified and discussed.
  • Provide opportunities for dialogue between the school and its neighbours.
  • Facilitate an annual review of the school¹s Good Neighbour Pledge with its neighbours.

Neighbourhood Relations Committee (NCR)

Collingwood School has created Neighbourhood Relations Committees at each of our campuses (Wentworth and Morven), with community representation, to work with the School and the District of West Vancouver.

The Committee strives to consist of equal representation from Collingwood School and from the neighbourhood community. No neighbour with children at the School, past parent of the School or employee past or present, shall be a community representative on the Committee. Individuals interested in sitting on this committee should contact Angela Nieslen at 604.925.3331 ext. 2009 or angela.nielsen@collingwood.org Once the committee has been formed, a list of committee members and their contact information will be posted here for your information.

The Committee will meet three times a year (Fall, Winter and Spring) to discuss issues and concerns. Additional meetings may be held as required.

Neighbourhood Liaison Officer

A Collingwood staff person has been assigned the responsibility of working with the neighbours and will be the primary contact person for the neighbours. Neighbours are encouraged to contact the liaison officer on an individual basis with any questions or concerns regarding the school¹s operations.

Angela Nielsen, Neighbourhood Liaison Officer
Phone: 604.925.3331 ext. 2009
Email: angela.nielsen@collingwood.org

Traffic and Parking Management Plan

Clearly the most significant issues are the amount of traffic, particularly at school drop-off and pick-up times, the queuing on the roads immediately leading to each school campus (Wentworth and Morven), and the amount of parking on local streets.

The key objective is to reduce the number of single vehicle trips to and from the school and remove all parking and queuing by Collingwood cars on the local streets.


  • Collingwood School will continue to aggressively promote school bus transportation.
  • Collingwood School staff will be provided with free bus passes
  • Car-pooling will be actively encouraged and facilitated through provision of an address matching service and a Parent Directory that lists families by postal code.
  • On-going communication with parents will include reminders of alternate modes of transportation, traffic protocols for drop-off and pick-up and parking protocols in our e-newsletters, summer mailings and website.
  • Collingwood School will support a “Resident Only” parking policy on Chairlift for the Wentworth campus and will continue to implement the “Collingwood No Parking Zone” for the Morven campus during school hours by ensuring that there is on-site parking for all school employees, and all visitors. Collingwood School staff will help local By-Law officials to monitor parking on adjacent streets to ensure compliance.
  • Collingwood School will continue to explore off site parking options with shuttle bus service for students and staff to help reduce traffic and parking in the immediate neighbourhood.
  • The Morven campus will continue to operate the one way only pick up route in the afternoons and the Wentworth campus will initiate a one way drop off and pick up route for mornings and afternoons in September 2007. Collingwood staff will oversee the traffic flow during these times.
  • The NRC will consider additional strategies and initiatives to address concerns about the amount of traffic coming into the neighbourhood including educating our parents on the effect of their conduct on our neighbours.
  • The Traffic and Management Parking Plan will be evaluated annually by the NRC and will form part of the Annual Review. The NRC may call on an independent consultant if required.

Click here to view the No Parking Zone