Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

Infinite Opportunities

A Collingwood School education creates infinite opportunities for our students to excel. Our Four Strand approach—academics, athletics, arts and service— is delivered through university preparatory programs that are collaborative, interdisciplinary, relevant and pioneering. Our graduates will join the global community as critical thinkers who are resilient, socially conscious and prepared to make the most of their opportunities.

Our Mission

To prepare young people for meaningful lives.

Our Values

Courage, curiosity and community.


To be a pioneer and leader, one must have courage. This is the foundation on which we build integrity, confidence, resilience and respect for self and others. Our graduates will use their courage as they rise to meet challenges throughout their lives and seek to make a better future for the world.


Curiosity drives passion for continual learning and exploring. This passion, in turn, drives innovation and collaboration. To inspire curiosity, we push beyond the core curriculum to ensure our students are engaged in an education that is uncommon and unbounded.


At our essence, Collingwood is a community of students, families, alumni, faculty and staff. The diversity and inclusivity of our family is a strength. Together, we must focus on listening, patience, humility and teamwork. We also belong to larger civic, national and global communities. We express our belief in community mindedness through our commitment to leadership, respect for one another and service to others.