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EDI Student Leadership

Our Story

The EDI Student Leaders ( previously known as the EDI Student Committee)  at Morven  started as a grassroots initiative in August of 2020.  Our  mandate focuses on how we can make sustainable change in our School community’s attitude, knowledge and action regarding equity, diversity and inclusion. Our focus has been racism and anti-racism but we recognize for true diversity to be embraced at Collingwood, we must get comfortable in having uncomfortable conversations, we must amplify the joy in the variety of cultural  traditions  that exist in our school community and we must continue to explore and learn about how current  and global events impact our sense of belonging

We’ve been passionate about learning with one another and anyone else willing to learn with us. We are also passionate about making political and structural change within our School with EDI in mind. Our group has discussed at length that we see change happening through two ways—culture and policy. By focusing on EDI education we believe we can change the culture of the School. But we also need to work on changing the policies, practices, and structures of our community.

Since 2020, we have grown and are proud of the journey we are on - our padlet timeline shows the initiatives that have resonated with the community.  2022, brings momentum  with the pilot of the EDI Ambassadors at the Wentworth compass. 

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Student-Led EDI Initiatives