We know our students well

Knowing our students is integral to understanding them, motivating them, supporting them and making wise choices while working with them. Every Collingwood student is known well by several adults at the School — not just their names, but importantly, their nature. These significant connections enable our faculty and staff to teach with more precision, counsel with more confidence, empathize with more insight, and direct with more meaning.Hundreds of times a year, teachers meet with their students with no other agenda than discussing their welfare and progress. Through considerable cross-referencing based on firsthand knowledge, we put rational plans in place for the success of each student. These plans work because we know our students very well.

We care deeply about each student’s success

Once we accept students into the School, we accept the responsibility to care unconditionally for them as if they were our own children. This commitment to care is centred around teachers, but extends to every member of the faculty, support staff and administration. We have a tacit yet steadfast contract with our parents: ensure that the young people entrusted to our care are safe, valued, respected, surrounded by good role models, and given every possibility to succeed solely through their own merit. Simply put, we care not just about how Amin and Ava are doing in math, but how they are doing in life.

We invest fully in every teacher

We know a school is only as good as its professional teaching faculty. We pour significant resources in recruiting, retaining and refreshing our teachers. We look for teachers who are captivating technicians in the classroom and passionate advocates for their subject. Importantly, we also search for teachers who buy into a culture that says their influence and duty does not end at 3:15 p.m. Collingwood teachers embrace the long hours and the unglamorous parts of the job because they like the intrinsic thrill of changing young lives. Once we have the right teachers, we safeguard these incredible assets by ensuring they are paid properly, celebrated often, and given exciting and relevant opportunities to grow professionally.

We partner honestly with our parents

We are in a vital collaboration with our parents. Like all moms and dads, we want the best — in the broadest sense — for the children who are entrusted to us for six or seven hours a day. This association is symbiotic and symbolic, and children need to know that home and school are on the same team. Fundamentally, Collingwood needs parental support to be effective and parents need Collingwood communication to be supportive. There can be no surprises and no confused messages when it comes to home and school dialogue. It all comes down to timely, honest communication — most of which pivots around a strong guidance and counselling system at Collingwood.

We maintain a sense of perspective, humour and humility in dealing with young people

What we do as educators is neither minor nor easy. School is only one factor in a child’s development, but we know we can have a profound effect on children and we choose to do it without fanfare or pretention. We openly concede we do not have all the answers in dealing with young people, and retain faculty and staff who embrace the inherent peaks and valleys in dealing with kids. Our faculty and staff genuinely enjoy working with young people, because it is fulfilling, fun, often unpredictable, and at times noble.


The Four Strands is the hallmark of a Collingwood education. The development of a well-rounded personality and a comprehensive appreciation of both arts and science have been carefully woven into the academic, cultural and athletic life of Collingwood School.

Collingwood students enjoy excellent educational programs, which incorporate the essential components to the fulfillment of each student's potential: Academics, Arts, Athletics and Service. Those who accept the values and experience the multi-faceted disciplines of the Collingwood education will approach life with the knowledge and confidence required to make the most of their individual ambition and potential.

We promise to provide a caring, challenging community enabling students to make wise choices throughout their lives. This commitment extends from every member of the faculty, support staff and administration. It is based on a solemn promise to our students and their parents to do everything we can to ensure the young people entrusted to our care are safe, surrounded with good role models, treated with respect, and given every opportunity to succeed. We hope to show them through our care and interest the importance of maintaining an open mind, and a clear respect for the rights of others.

In our hallways you will notice our community feel. It’s a result of healthy relationships between teachers and students and a genuine enthusiasm that students have for their school. We have a positive outlook in working with young people and maintain a sense of perspective and good sense in dealing with them. We do not shrink from our obligation to criticize and correct conduct where necessary. We think of our school as a vibrant, living microcosm of the world. With judicious application of rules and respect we encourage and attain responsible citizenship and accountability every day.

A Collingwood education is designed to stretch our students from an early age in all aspects of their lives, to challenge them constantly to venture into the unknown, and through this process to become discerning, resilient and contributing citizens of their world. Each Collingwood program is designed to encourage every student to be the best that he or she can be.