From the Desk of the School Nurse

Academic Year 2016-2017

Dear Collingwood Parents:

Welcome to all new and returning families from the Collingwood Health Centre! As your school nurses, we enjoy the special privilege of caring for your child while they are at school. Please take a few minutes to review the important information below, as it assists us in providing the best care and service for your family.

Health Centre Offices

We have two offices, one at each campus. The offices are staffed between 8AM and 4PM Monday through Friday. The Health Centre staff will provide care for students while they are at school, answer questions that children and adolescents have about their health, and assist with referring students and families to specialist care if required.

Student Health Information and Immunization Records

The Health Centre maintains health information on all students enrolled at Collingwood. We rely on parents to update this information annually. To update your child’s health information at the beginning of the school year, click on the Mandatory Back to School Forms link from the school website. This should be completed prior to your child returning to school in September.

The Health Centre is required to provide the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority with information about your child’s immunization history upon entry into the school. You will need to complete the immunization section of the Mandatory Back to School Forms upon initial registration with the school and again with any updated immunizations done outside the school setting. If you have any difficulty completing this section of the online forms please feel free to send a copy of your child’s immunization history to the Health Centre and we will complete it for you.

If your child has a potentially life threatening condition and may require life- saving medication or treatment while at school please complete the Medical Alert Sheet. This must be signed by a physician and returned to the school by the start of the school year.


We are happy to assist students to take medications while at school but require for reasons of safety that all medications be brought to school by a parent, guardian or designated adult. Prescription medications require written consent and dosage instructions by the prescribing physician. Many medications that require dispensing 3 and 4 times per day can be given at home. If you do require the medication to be given at school, please ask your pharmacy for a “school bottle”.

Over-the-counter medications like Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl and Gravol are on hand. Where possible, we try to speak directly with a parent or guardian prior to administering these medications but will use our discretion (i.e. if a child has very high fever and we are unable to get hold of parent or guardian). We will administer OTC medication to students in Grade 6-12 if warranted. If you do not want your child to receive any medication at school please let us know in writing.

Illness and Incidents at School

We make every effort to safeguard your child’s health at school. In the event of a serious accident or emergency, you will be contacted immediately. If necessary, the student will be transported by ambulance to an appropriate medical facility and accompanied by a nurse, or designated staff or family member. It is important that you update the school with any new phone numbers, changes in your child’s health, medications, or anything else that may affect your child’s well-being at school.

Health Screening

Kindergarten students have a Hearing and Vision Screening test performed by a VCH provider. It is also recommended that school-age children have their vision tested every two years – the provincial MSP covers the cost for children ages 3 to 18 years every two years. Students who show signs of vision or hearing difficulty in any grade may also be screened as part of the annual Kindergarten screening to rule out a problem. If a problem exists, you will be notified and referred for further medical evaluation if needed.


Immunizations at no charge are provided for children in Grade 6 and 9 by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. Parents will be asked for their consent prior to their child receiving any immunization. Dates for the Immunization clinics will be posted on the Collingwood website and in the Collingwood Calendar at the beginning of the school year. The BC Immunization schedule is available through the Health Centre website.

Care Cards/Medical Insurance

The School requires upon enrolment that all students provide a current care card number or insurance provider. Your son/daughter will not be able to participate in off-site school activities without a personal health number or written evidence of medical insurance coverage.

Control of Communicable Diseases and Illness

Your child’s good health is important to us! Health, hygiene and sexual health education are taught and emphasized throughout the year for students, as well as parents. Periodically we will send home information about what’s “going around” and we will share tips to keep your family well. Please call or stop by the Health Centre whenever you are not certain about sending your child to school. The resources section of our website has a lot of information about child and adolescent health and the links below take you to important information about your child’s health:

You are encouraged to share any concerns or problems relevant to your child's health. If you have any questions or would like to meet with any of us, please do not hesitate to call at 604-925-3331 Monday through Friday.

Best wishes for a fantastic school year,

Andrea Kelsall, RN, BScN
Head of Health Centre/Nurse

Kayley Letendre, LPN
Wentworth Campus Nurse

Katie Archer, LPN
Morven/Wentworth Campus

*Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese translations available.
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