Collection Dates

Hand service sheets into Head of House

  • Nov. 21
  • Feb. 20
  • May. 28



Project Refresh

With summer break 2017 over, on behalf of Round Square, we will be holding another Project Refresh collection during the week of September 6th - September 13th. If you brought back shampoo bottles, soaps, etc. now is the time to drop them off.

As a reminder, our project refresh initiative supports a variety of local organizations. In the past your donations have been used to help: at-risk youth, the homeless, individuals battling addiction and new refugees to Canada.

We are continuing to collect:

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body Lotion
  • Any other hygienic products (i.e. toothbrushes/toothpaste, combs/brushes, deodorant etc.)

As you know, a few hotel minis can make a big difference in how someone feels. We appreciate your continued support.



Our Collingwood students want to be global citizens as well as local stewards and community partners. With these roles in mind, our Service strand seeks to instill in our students a sense of awareness of social and environmental issues in our local and global communities through a balanced program. At Wentworth, this program includes:

  • A Service Learning approach, where students’ inquiry into social and environmental issues is supported through academic concepts and ongoing reflection.
  • Community partnerships with local organizations, which allow students to develop an understanding of community issues such as ecological preservation, senior isolation, food insecurity, and equal access to recreation. These partnerships are essential in giving students the opportunity to interact with individuals in our community, and to be equal agents of change.
  • Leadership and volunteering initiatives, which stress the important value of serving the school community. Our students are heavily involved with the organization and execution of important parts of our program, such as weekly assemblies, representing the school through the Admissions Ambassadors program, and recycling initiatives, amongst others.


What’s NEW for 2016/2017

Goals for the year:

  • Provide more opportunities to all
  • Allow opportunities for our students to draw more learning, reflection and meaning out of activities being done
  • Have a bigger presence at Morven

Morven is excited about these changes and hope that they bring about more involvement by students in meaningful service and allow students to be exposed to a variety of service opportunities they may not yet know of. We are going to continue developing the service program over the next couple of years to continue to provide support for students as they move through Collingwood and find their spot to make a difference in their community.

Each student will have a Service folder in their mycw accounts that will contain all the service documents they need (and more so they can refer back if they want).

This includes:

  • Service Passport (for Sept. 12)
  • Google Form witness statement template (for School Colours)
  • Mapping out the Year Plan (to be completed in mentor class)
  • Service Plan Information 2016-2017 (for reference)
  • Google Form witness statement template (for School Colours)
  • Mapping out the Year Plan (to be completed in mentor class)
  • Service Hours and School Colours (Honours)

Events and opportunities

Service Fair – September 12th

Objective: Morven will host its first annual service fair that will enable students to be oriented to various service opportunities available both in-school and out-of-school. The service fair will allow all in-school service providers the opportunity to showcase what they have to offer. In addition to this, students can advertise the projects and groups with which they are involved.

List of in school service providers with a booth at the service fair:

  • Backpack Buddies
  • Arts Mag
  • Prom
  • Score Keeping
  • Soup kitchen
  • Round Square
  • Admissions Ambassadors
  • Ad Verum
  • Sustainability
  • HOH
    • Jr. House Captains
    • Grade Counselors
  • Thunderbird Mentoring
  • Thrive
  • Allies
  • Student Art Committee
  • CCMP
  • Moderators and Time Keepers
  • Library Volunteers
  • Stream Keepers
  • Wentworth Service Opportunities

Service Hours and School Colours (Honours)

Pass School Colours (Honours)
Grade Hours Hours Reflection External Supervisor Appraisal Diversity
Middle School (Grade 8-9) 15 30 Reflection on what student did and how the community benefitted. This could be in a variety of forms such as written reflection, video or presentation

Honours Assessments:

Short google form witness statement of what student did Hours must come from participating in a minimum of two different service activities.
Senior School (Grades 10-12) 30 60 Hours must come from a minimum of three different service activities. In at least one service activity, the student must take on a leadership role.
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