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Letter from the Head of Morven

Academic Year 2015-2016

August 2014 

Dear Parents/Guardians,

While we have been away enjoying our summer holidays, the Morven Campus has been a very busy place the past two months.  Construction continues on the new building, and we are all excited to anticipate the opening of the new Morven in September! 

Due to our delayed opening, our New Student Day is cancelled.  Our Heads of House will be planning orientation sessions for new students and our Gr. 8 students in the opening week of classes. We want to make sure our new Morven students learn about expectations and opportunities, while at the same time becoming more familiar with the new building, lockers, and personal timetables. 

We have a jam-packed school calendar, so you may wish to view the upcoming events by going to our website:  www.collingwood.org.  We are striving to make this very user-friendly, and to clearly separate information based upon which division your child is enrolled:  Junior School or Senior School.

We would like to warmly welcome the new families joining Collingwood for September.  We have a busy Morven Campus, but are keen to make connections and answer questions for all students and families in grades 8 to 12.  A first point of contact is your son/daughter’s Mentor teacher.  Next, there is a Head of House for each student, and this person is a wealth of information.  If your child needs to make any changes regarding their course schedule they are asked to see the designated person: 

Byrd House                                              Ms. Alexa Grivakes          alexa.grivakes@collingwood.org

Geer House                                             Mr. David Pool                   david.pool@collingwood.org

Groos House                                          Mr. Tasso Kanavos           tasso.kanavos@collingwood.org

Houssian House                                  Mrs. Lisa Bremner            lisa.bremner@collingwood.org

                                                      OR            Mrs. Ashleigh Gold           ashleigh.gold@collingwood.org

Mackenzie House                               Ms. Amy Camblin              amy.camblin@collingwood.org

Senft House                                            Mr. Kevin Waterhouse kevin.waterhouse@collingwoood.org

The Heads of House, University Guidance teachers, and school administrators will be working as of Wednesday, August 20th.  We ask that you e-mail the person you would like to speak to in order to schedule a meeting or phone conversation.  Please contact my office if you have any further questions or need assistance.  We want you to feel comfortable and confident about being a member of the school community and to have someone to turn to when you have questions.

We are purposefully posting most of our parent hand-outs on our school website:  www.collingwood.org for easy reference and to be more “green”.  The important topics covered will include:  key year dates; highlights of the first two weeks of school; School Honour Code and Discipline Protocols; Expectations of Students and Reminders; school timetables; information on our Academic Integrity Protocols; school photo day; and much more.  We will be asking every family to review these documents through our on-line forms program, and sign-off on the required documents before the end of September. We will send a separate e-mail and link to this on-line forms area of our website in early September.                                                             

The Morven Campus faculty is looking forward to another busy and fulfilling year, and is particularly eager to celebrate the new building with our students.  We strongly believe in the four-strand philosophy and will work closely with your child to maximize his/her potential.  My advice for each student in Grades 8-12 is simple:  get involved, reach out to the students and teachers around you, and make the most of the opportunities presented.  Success will come to those who make the effort to form relationships and to give of themselves in a genuine manner.  I want your child to feel challenged, engaged and happy at Collingwood School 

Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you in September.  


Lisa Evans
Head of Morven  (Gr. 8-12)


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