Gr. 8: Project Based Learning
Gr. 8: Project Based Learning
This has been a week of building resilience, persevering through challenges and fostering ingenuity for all of our grade 8's, not only those who were out in the field with Explore.

Although the projects support the academic curriculum, each project is designed to help develop the intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies required to engage in deep learning and life-long learning. Essentially, we hope to create students who take the initiative to solve a problem, rather than await instruction. We want to move our students beyond the "one and done" mindset, so they understand that iteration and reworking a draft is a life skill they can apply to all of their learning. We want them to understand that teamwork is not easy and takes effort.

Please ask your child about their understanding of the design cycle and the challenges they tried to solve in their project this week.


Jennifer Dousett and Morgan McLaughlin

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