Parents' Council

What is the Parents’ Council?

The Parents’ Council is a group of parents and guardians of students currently enrolled in the school. The Parents’ Council Executive Committee is comprised of elected directors who oversee various event committees and fundraising activities during the year.

What is the purpose of the Parents’ Council?
The purpose of the Parents’ Council is to fundraise, “friend-raise” and “fun-raise” by creating a social network of Collingwood parents through our many events, and to assist with the ongoing development of the school. We conduct a number of fundraising events during the year such as The Gala, Scholastic Book Fair and UniShop. We also organize and support a variety of “fun-raising” activities such as the Wentworth Festive Store and Sports Day and oversee the Class & Grade Reps program.

What is the difference between the Parents’ Council and a Parents’ Advisory Committee (PAC)?
PACs are found in the public school system and are generally involved in many facets of the system, including educational decisions. Parents’ Council is not involved in any day-to-day operations of the school, nor are we involved in matters under the jurisdiction of the Board of Governors. Our mandate is solely to assist the school by conducting fundraising and spirit engendering events and activities.

Why do we have these events and activities?
The events and activities that Parents’ Council organizes over the year provide a variety of opportunities for parents to become engaged with the school community, to meet other parents and to support the school and its fundraising projects.

Who decides how monies raised by the Parents’ Council are spent?
This is a decision made by the Headmaster and the Director of Finance, in consultation with Senior Management and in keeping with the School’s strategic direction. Parents’ Council has no say in how these funds are spent. All funds raised are directed to specific capital projects and not for operating costs.

What is the Parents’ Council Centre (PCC)?

The Parents’ Council Centre is located on the ground floor of the Telfer Family Wing at the Wentworth Campus. The PCC is “command central” for the UniShop, which is run solely by parent volunteers, and the Wentworth Lunch Program, which is run by the school and supported by parent volunteers.


We host many events during the school year, from the fun to the informative. Whatever the event, there is a team of capable and enthusiastic volunteers at the helm. Whether offering a cheery cup of hot cider at the Christmas concerts or planning our much anticipated annual fundraiser, everyone at Parents’ Council is always on board for fun-raising and spirit-building

Upcoming Events

Full Calendar

UniShop Collection Dates
  • April 24 & 25, AM drop-off at both campuses
  • June 19 & 20, donation boxes in the lobby at both campuses
UniShop Sale Day
Wednesday April 26 8:45-10:30 FSC Wentworth Campus

Why volunteer?

Volunteers have played, and will continue to play, an important role at Collingwood School. Students, teachers and the community benefit from the work of individuals like you who freely share their talents and resources.

The numbers of volunteers who contribute to our school each day helps create a true feeling of "family" in our school. We also know that as a volunteer, you too will be rewarded.

When planning begins for the different volunteer opportunities in each term, you will receive information from your class or grade rep on opportunities available within each event or activity along with information on how to sign up.

We look forward to an exciting new year and challenge you all to consider any area in which you can volunteer.

For further information or any questions please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Patricia Chan at

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