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A Collingwood education is designed to stretch our students in all aspects of their lives. Our students are prepared for the challenges ahead as they expand their horizons across the globe in pursuit of promising and meaningful futures.

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Cavs Upset Dukes In Senior Soccer Action

The senior soccer team walked into the 'Lion's Den' Tuesday afternoon as they faced the undefeated Windsor Dukes on Windsor's home turf. However, it was the mighty Cavs that came away with the win. Collingwood pushed their league record to 3-2 with a terrific 1-0 victory.

As usual, the Cavs were excellent on defence. They have been rock-solid for much of the year and yesterday was no exception. Imraan Karmali scored the only goal of the game and seems to be evolving into the team's 'go-to' man when a clutch goal is needed.

Coach Waterhouse had praise for Imraan and also mentioned key defenders Nick Jessel and Derek Punter. Oliver White and Adam Lewis were also singled out for praise. In fact, Coach Waterhouse had praise for the entire team as he was stoked with how everyone stepped up in this huge game.

Team captain Kane Vidalin has been a key member of the 'rock-solid' back four this year.

Senior Field Hockey Off To North Shore Final

The senior field hockey has finished North Shore AA league play undefeated and as a result has earned a spot in the North Shore Final next Monday. The Cavs defeated STA yesterday to push their record to 4-0. In those four wins, the Cavs have scored 25 goals and only allowed one.

Although Collingwood has been the dominant team in the league, it appears that the final could be a true test if Windsor wins the semi-final. Windsor gave the Cavs a scare last Friday. Collingwood actually fell behind 1-0 before rallying for a 3-1 win. The Windsor goalie plays for BC at her age-group and she was spectacular as she kept the Dukes in the game with save after save.

Bronwyn Bird, McKinley Kennedy and Rachel Graham all scored for Collingwood. Coach Gold had special praise for Meg Mauro and Bronwyn who were 'outstanding' on the day.

The Cavs will prepare for the playoffs with the two-day Golden Pumpkin Tournament that is being held in Surrey this Thursday and Friday.

Bronwyn Bird storms ahead in a game against Rockridge.

The Cavs Swarm the Rockridge goal. Kayleigh Garland and Chloe Szybunka have positioned themselves perfectly for a tip-in.

The Cavs decide which short-corner play to use to 'bamboozle' the Ravens.

The Collingwood Drum Corps

The Collingwood Drum Corps marched the senior boys soccer team into the commons in preparation for their game at Mulgrave. Go Cavs!

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Guest Speaker: Spencer West

Spencer West Visiting Collingwood
Author, Humanitarian, Inspiration Speaker

October 19
Wentworth: 1:25pm - 2:10pm
Morven: 2:30pm-3:10pm

Imagine if you would, the biggest challenge you have ever faced. Think about the determination and perseverance you exerted to overcome that obstacle. Now, imagine accomplishing that task without the ability to use your legs.
For Me to We speaker, Spencer West, this is his life every day, having his legs amputated from the pelvis down at the age of five. Author, documentary subject, humanitarian, Spencer West will address our Middle Years Students on October 19th about overcoming obstacles to make a difference, a topic that he has a great deal of experience with. He is a distinguished keynote speaker, having opened and headlined several WE Day events and spoken alongside influential citizens such as Prince Harry, Prime Minister Trudeau and Martin Luther King III.
Through humour, humility, and tales of his accomplishments, Spencer aims to inspire hope and motivate his audience to find opportunities in challenges and create positive change in and around themselves. We are so thrilled to have the opportunity for our Middle Years Students to hear from such an accomplished individual. Please visit here for more information about Spencer West.

Zinc Saves Lives

We are collecting used AA batteries

Did you know that you can help save children's lives right now by simply donating your used batteries? Currently, two billion people around the world are lacking zinc in their diet, and each AA battery contains the same amount of zinc that can save the lives of six children! YOU can prevent children from losing their lives by just donating your used batteries. Zinc is an essential micronutrient that is crucial for growth and brain development and helps fight dangerous infections, especially in children.

Round Square strongly encourages you to bring your used batteries to the student commons Oct. 12-17. A bin will be placed by the front doors to collect all the batteries. We will be bringing these batteries to WE Day, on Wednesday Oct. 18, where they will be recycled properly. For every battery recycled, Teck will donate the value of zinc it contains to WE Charity in support of their zinc program for children in Kenya. Visit to learn more.

Thanks in advance for supporting this Round Square Initiative!
University Information Events

Northwestern University, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, Duke University and Vanderbilt University Presentation

Sunday, October 22 Morven Campus 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Please register here.

Visit here for University Information Sessions & Event information.

Gr. 8: Project Based Learning
This has been a week of building resilience, persevering through challenges and fostering ingenuity for all of our grade 8's, not only those who were out in the field with Explore.

Although the projects support the academic curriculum, each project is designed to help develop the intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies required to engage in deep learning and life-long learning. Essentially, we hope to create students who take the initiative to solve a problem, rather than await instruction. We want to move our students beyond the "one and done" mindset, so they understand that iteration and reworking a draft is a life skill they can apply to all of their learning. We want them to understand that teamwork is not easy and takes effort.

Please ask your child about their understanding of the design cycle and the challenges they tried to solve in their project this week.


Jennifer Dousett and Morgan McLaughlin

New! Headmaster's Blog

Introducing the one stop shop for some of Rob Lake's musings—find weekly blog posts, book recommendations (and reviews), articles, videos, art, photography and more.

This week:

  • Find Your Own Path, by Rob Lake
  • The first article in a 6-part series about Artificial Intelligence
  • Current and recommended readings
  • TED Talk by John Maeda: How art, technology and design inform creative leaders

Read Lake's Take here.

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A Collingwood education stretches students from an early age in all aspects of their lives, challenges them to venture into the unknown and provides them with a rigorous university preparatory curriculum. Our students are prepared for the challenges ahead as they expand their horizons across the globe in the pursuit of promising and meaningful futures.

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